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About Website Valuations

Website Evaluator utilizes four key areas in website evaluation and provides clear overviews to evaluate Traffic, Competition, SEO and Hosting information. Small or large website, beginner or expert webmaster, Website Evaluator provides you with a detailed evaluation of your site(s).

How is the value calculated?

Website Evaluator analyzes the quantity and types of actual daily combined with information about number of links that point towards the site, country, Alexa ranking and other data that is available on-line. All of this information is then calculated using our sophisticated algorithm to make reliable estimations of current and potential values.

Our unique architecture performs the highest levels of website evaluation to provide the data you need to estimate a website value as accurately as possible. The reason is simple, the architecture was created from the knowledge and experience of the same webmasters and developers who use these same tools to evaluate their own websites every day. This is why you can trust, that the necessary data is collected and processed correctly to provide you with clear insight into any website evaluation.

How accurate is it?

Website Evaluator provides a very accurate and reliable snapshot of how many page views and daily Ad revenue a website has. It is also able to identify the number of links, including the quality of links the site has. However the Webiste Valuation tool can only use the data that is available on the internet, and therefore the absolute accuracy is dependent on the accuracy of the information available.

Is check website value always accurate?

An estimation is an estimation and an estimate valuation is always just based on a particular criteria and weighted calculations of a single snapshot. Typically speaking, any good estimation or appraisal should adhere to standard "Best Practices" & "Due Diligence", we recommend a person consult and cross reference several experts against a variety of data analysis software, sampling at random cycles, over extended periods of time, in order to foster the greatest chance of obtaining the highest accuracy and true website value.

What can I do to ensure the evaluation is accurate?

Obtain as much information as possible on an ongoing basis, over random cycles. Also researchchanges to search engine criteria. Check website value is a great tool to eliminate the guesswork, but you should supplement this information by consultating with other experts.

Are the statistics in my website evaluation real?

Yes, all of the information collected, including every statistic provided to you by webmasterbond.com, is real.

What's the difference between Daily Page-Views and Daily Ads Revenue numbers?

The information on page views and daily ad revenue is as follows;

  • Page views represent the number of Page views for all visitors. It also calculates such that 1 visitor viewing 3 pages, counts as 3 page views and does not identify unique visits from total visits.
  • Daily Ads Revenue is an estimate of the amount of money a website can earn if advertisement ads were to be shown on all of the website's pages that were visited.

How often do you update your stats?

Data is reprocessed each time, so simply click the "Evaluate Website" button to see the latest data.

How often should I check for new stats?

You can refresh and update your website evaluation as often as you like, however it is reasonable to allow new implementations and changes enough time. One or two weeks can be enough time to see noticeable changes in your website's value.