Welcome to WebmasterBond. We are a community of webmasters, who create handy SEO, Advertising and domain management tools for everyday use. Below you can find a list of all tools.

Advertising Solutions


AdServer Snapshot

Adserver is an advanced advertisment manager that allows you to mix and match ads from different networks like Google Adsense, Adbrite and more...

SEO Tools

Link Analyzer

Link Analyzer Snapshot

Analyze the links on a web page. You can see the total number of links and categorize them by inbound or outbound, target, nofollow and more...

Sitemap Generator

Sitemap Generator Snapshot

Generate an XML sitemap by completing a simple form.

Search Engine Rank Checker

Search Engine Rank Checker Snapshot

Check the ranking of a website for any given keywords in all major search engines.

Link Popularity Checker

Link Popularity Checker Snapshot

Find out how many back links a website has. This tool generates its data from various sources including Google and Yahoo!

Keyword Density Checker

Keyword Density Checker Snapshot

Evaluate a web page against one or more keyword and see how many times a keyword has been used in the page relative to other content.

Search Engine Index Checker

Search Engine Index Checker Snapshot

Check how many pages of your website(s) have been scanned and recognized by major search engines.

Website Evaluator

Website Evaluator Snapshot

Evaluate a website and estimates its traffic and income.

PageRank Checker

PageRank Checker Snapshot

Check the PageRank of one or more pages at the same time.

Network Tools

Reverse IP Lookup

Reverse IP Lookup Snapshot

Check how many domains are hosted on the same IP address.

DNS Lookup

DNS Lookup Snapshot

This tool shows details about the specified record type(s) as well as additional useful information about the domain's DNS entries.


Traceroute Snapshot

A network tool for measuring the route path and transit times of packets across an Internet Protocol (IP) network.

HTTP Header Analyzer

HTTP Header Analyzer Snapshot

Analyzer the HTTP header response of any given web page.

Ping Tool

Ping Tool Snapshot

Ping a domain or IP address. This is a network troubleshooting tool.

IP Lookup

IP Lookup Snapshot

Lookup any IP address and find out more about its location and ISP.

Domain Name Tools

Bulk Domain Search

Bulk Domain Search Snapshot

Check the availability of multiple domains at once.

WHOIS Lookup

WHOIS Lookup Snapshot

Lookup information related to any domain including its registration date, name server information, owner's contact information and more...

Domain Age Checker

Domain Age Checker Snapshot

Check the first registration date of a domain, its last modification date and when it is set to expire.

Instant Domain Search

Instant Domain Search Snapshot

Check the availability of .com, .net and .org domain names instantly.